German 1870 Iron Cross EK2 2nd Class Medal


Beautiful iron core & silvered frame Iron Cross in very nice condition with excellent patina. Ring is unmarked. Original period ribbon is in good used condition and is 12″ in length. Iron core retains the majority of the black finish.

The Iron Cross of 1870

The Iron Cross was first re-established on July 19, 1870 by Kaiser Wilhelm I of Prussia during the Franco-Prussian War to reward the military bravery of the armies of all German states (cf. Erneuerung durch König Wilhelm I. von Preußen).

The Iron Cross of 1870 is declined in 3 orders:

  • The Great Cross of the Iron Cross (Grosskreuz)
  • The Iron Cross 1st class, with a clasp (Eiserne Kreuz I)
  • The Iron Cross 2nd class, with a ribbon (Eiserne Kreuz II)

The pattern of the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class is the same. On the front, they are decorated with a crown in the top, the number “1870” in the bottom and a “W” for William (Wilhelm in German). On the back, the Iron Cross 2nd class is decorated with oak leaves in the center and the number “1813” at the bottom.

For non-combatants the Iron Cross is worn with a white ribbon.

In 1895, for the 25th anniversary of the War of 1870, a number of Iron Cross 2nd class veterans will receive oak leaves bearing the number 25.

As for the number of Iron Crosses of 1870 awarded between 1870 – 1871 and for an army of 600,000 men, it is estimated that:

  • Approx. 43,242 for the 2nd class Cross,
  • Approx. 1.319 for the First Class Cross,
  • 9 Great Cross

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