German Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNV) Stickping & Member Badge


Set of Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNV) membership items, badge and stickpin. Both in excellent condition with nice enamel work. The badge is 16mm across and marked GES GESCH. Stickpin is 23mm across with a 48mm pin. Marked on reverse with maker name.

The German National People’s Party (German: Deutschnationale Volkspartei, DNV) was a national-conservative and monarchist political party in Germany during the Weimar Republic. Before the rise of the Nazi Party, it was the major nationalist party in Weimar Germany. It was an alliance of conservative, nationalist, monarchist, völkisch, and antisemitic elements supported by the Pan-German League. Ideologically, the party was described as subscribing to authoritarian conservatism, German nationalism, monarchism, and from 1931 onwards also to corporatism in economic policy. It held anti-communist, anti-Catholic, and antisemitic views. On the left–right political spectrum, it belonged on the right-wing, and is classified as far-right in its early years and then again from the late 1920s when it moved back rightward. It was dissolved by the NSDAP in 1933.

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