German DT Deutscher Turnerbund 1927 Salzburg Gymnastics’s Event Tinnie


Tinnie in good condition measures 54mm by 25mm. Marked on the pin plate: J.SCHWERTNER GRAZ EGGENBERG. Made in stamped Tombac sheet metal.

The DTB was founded in 1848 at the 1st German Gymnastics Day in Hanau. The first German gymnastics festival was held in Coburg in 1860. In 1868 the DTB was absorbed into the German Gymnastics Association (DT). Parallel to the DT, the social democratically oriented Workers’ Gymnastics Association (ATB) was founded in 1893, which was called the Workers’ Gymnastics and Sports Association (ATSB) from 1919 onwards and was banned by the National Socialists in 1933. In 1933, the DT tried to introduce itself as a further pillar in the NSDAP alongside the SA, but this failed because the dominance of an association that was then hostile to competitive sports would have hindered the NSDAP’s claim to dominate the best men through sport. In 1935, the DT dissolved itself as part of the synchronization during the National Socialist era.

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