German NSBO Visor Cap Badge


A silver-washed alloy cap badge, in the form of the NSBO emblem, approximately 30mm by 25mm. The emblem is comprised of, to the right, a disembodied hand holding upright a hammer with a static swastika to its head, with a partial cogged wheel proceeding to the left, against which is “N.S.B.O.”. Reverse is complete with both original attachment prongs. Unmarked.

he RBA, “Reichsbetriebszellenabteilung” (National-trade-cells-department), was founded in January of 1931 and was renamed the NSBO, “Nationalsozialische Betriebszellen Organisierung” (National-socialist Trade-cells Organization), in March of that year. This organization acted as the NSDAP’s alternative to labor unions and communist worker groups in industrial factories. Officially a national organization, the NSBO was concentrated in the heavy industrial centers, with very little representation outside these areas. The NSBO was absorbed into the DAF, “Deutsche Arbeitsfront” (German Labor-front), in October of 1934, and ceased to exist in March of 1935.

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