German NSDAP BrownShirts SA Gruppe Hochland Edelweiss Cap Badge


Original German NSDAP (NAZI PARTY) BrownShirts  SA GRUPPE HOCHLAND EDELWEISS CAP BADGE (Mützen Abzeichen).

Originally, members of the fledgling SA had no official headgear, and most wore a grey, Austrian-style ski cap until the introduction of the soft kepi in 1924. It was modified in 1929, taking, effectively, its final “coffee can” form. After 1933, the colored tops which had hitherto been reserved for SA leaders were extended to all ranks.

A stamped alloy cap badge, worn by members of group “Hochland” on the left side of their kepis, in the form of an edelweiss, whose silver-colored petals create an approximately 40mm diameter. Against its pebbled, center is a black enameled, mobile swastika. Dual prongs are soldered to its reverse RZM marked M1/3 for maker Max Kremhelmer, München.

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