German NSDAP Leader’s Gilt Aluminum Belt Buckle RZM M4/24


A stamped, gold-washed aluminum belt buckle, whose convex obverse features a spread-winged eagle with a wreathed, mobile swastika in its talons. Encircling the eagle is a wreath of oak leaves, which the eagle’s wings extend into.

To its solid, concave reverse is a buckle catch, opposite of
which is crimped a keeper in the form of an open, vertical rectangle. Seen from the obverse, the inner bar of the keeper is decorated with an oak leaf motif.

Embossed above the catch and crimped keeper to the reverse is an RZM, “Reichszeugmeisterei” (National-materiel-control-office), logo, alongside of which is “M4/24,” the manufacturer’s code for Friedrich Linden.

Overall very good condition with some light wear to gilt.

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