German Protestant Women’s Aid Membership Badge


Pre-war Evangelische Frauenhilfe badge in silvered bronze with gilt and blue enamels; horizontal pinback; unmarked; measuring 32 mm. In very good condition.

Under pastor Hans Hermenau, the Frauenhilfe was renamed “Reichsfrauenhilfe” in 1933. In terms of church politics, Hermenau saw himself as a National Socialist “German Christian”, but had to resign early due to “irregularities in his administration”. His successor from 1935 until his sudden death in 1941 was managing pastor Adolf Brandmeyer, who was close to Pastor Friedrich von Bodelwickelh the Younger and the Confessing Church in his church political direction that rejected the German Christians. The aim was to continue an independent women’s church work, which was theologically strongly influenced by Karl Barth, also through an affiliated publishing company.

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