German Reichstag-Wahl 1932 Voting Donation Medal


Weimar Republic era, gilt medal (19.84g), 1932, made by Hyder & Colbert-D23, 35mm gilt silver election donation medal by the NSDAP, hands raised all around a large swastika. REICHSTAGS-WAHL 1932 KAMPF-SCHATZ SPENDE in center with N.S.D.A.P KAPITULIEREN-NIEMALS! around reverse, marked “990” on edge for silver content. Rare.

Reichstag Vote of 6 Nov. 1932 Donation medal. This was the last free election for Germany until 1949, Hitler gained the Chancellor of Germany position in Jan. 1933. While the Nazi Party (N.S.D.A.P.) lost votes in this election, by 13 percentage points they were the majority party of Germany over the SDP Party. Therefore it heightened the struggle the Nazis had with the various communist parties at the time. Thus, this last vote was instrumental in setting up Hitler for eventual dictatorship. “KAPITULIEREN-NIEMALS!” means ‘Never Capitulate!’ or ‘Never Surrender!’

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