German SS Totenkopf Skull Zinc Visor Cap Badge RZM M1/52 Deschler & Sohn


Silver painted die-stamped zinc with both original prongs intact dating to the later war period (1942-45). This skull was made by Deschler & Sohn of Munich ans is correctly marked RZM M1/52 on the reverse. Prongs are flat-wire in brass on circular plates (one is loose and rotates, but is still well attached).

Overall retains better than 60% of the original silver finish on the front, and is clean on the reverse with some discoloration. There are some flakes of orange paint on the badge, although not noticeable without magnification.

Distance from prong to prong is approx. 24mm. 31mm across at widest part of the badge, and 26mm from chin to top of skull.

Overall a very nice example of a very desirable SS skull.

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