Romanian Crusade Against Communism Medal with Silver Crimeia Bar


Gilt bronze medal measures 31mm. Original ribbon and attachment. Awarded for the invasion of Russian and the fight against Bolshevism. With original silver Crimea campaign bar (Crimeia) for multiple front-line service
campaigns. Made in silvered bronze.

King Michael I instituted this bronze medal on 1 April 1942 for all those participating in the war against the Soviet Union, including foreigners (i.e. mostly German troops). It was awarded without bar for meritorious service on the home front. Bars were awarded for front line war zone service. If
only one bar was awarded, it was in bronze. If more than one, the bars
were silvered. Known bars are for Azov, Basarabia, Bucovina, Bug, Crimea (or Crimeia), Dobrogea, Donet, Nipru, Nistru, Odessa, Marea Neagra (or Mare Negru), Stalingrad, Dnjestr, Caucaz, Calmucia and Prut. These bars are scarce because their owners could be arrested by the post war communist authorities.

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