Spanish Civil War Campaign Nationalist Medal 9K Gold British Jeweler Made


For service in the Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Instituted in 1938. The black ribbon color on the sides indicates this one was awarded for to a combatant.

This is where if gets interesting.

The medal is a jeweler made version in 375 gold (9Kt – which is typical for British gold items) and is marked as such along with the English marks for assay Chester and V letter code for 1946. It is also name to EL LEGIONARIO SJ BROWN 1902977. Obviously an Anglicized inscription. Not sure if the number is a British service number or some ID from time in the Nationalist ranks. It is also marked PK for the maker (maker name unidentified).

When I acquired it several years back I found an article online that had some summary details of an SJ Brown who fought in the Spanish Civil War for Franco, in the British Army during WWII, and then was a Dutch Merchant Marines into the 1950s. That is the extent of what I have been able to research.

The medal is 33mm across by 3mm thick, and appears to be cast from an original. The two hanger rings are also made in 9K (375) gold. The gold purity has been tested. Ribbon appears to be a later addition. Medal weighs 34.0 grams, which is 12.75 grams of pure gold.

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