Spanish Nationalist Falangist Silver Arrows & Yoke JONS Badge


Excellent condition and original Spanish Civil War badge of the falangist JONS, Junta de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindacalista. Large badge is 60mm tall by 45mm across. Well made in silver and marked with the star and hallmark for silver. This is a Spanish Civil War period item and these badges were made by Republican POWs using captured silver currency. Great example, many were carried back to Germany and Italy by returning volunteers of the Condor Legion and CTV (Corpo Truppe Volontarie).

The JONS fascist movement was founded in 1933 in Spain and was part of the Falange Española of José Antonio Primo de Rivera. Worn on the left breast pocket this was the Falangist party symbol – five war arrows representing the five kingdoms, crossed by the yoke of the Catholic monarchs, a symbol of agriculture in Spain.

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