French Vichy GMR Groupes Mobiles de Réserve Helmet Badge


Helmet badge of the French Vichy GMR made in painted aluminum. Measures 50mm tall with 90%+ of the paint remaining. Marked on reverse by maker and retains one of the two original prongs. Worn on the GMR’s black painted Adrian helmet.

The Groupes mobiles de réserve (transl. mobile reserve groups), often referred to as GMR, were paramilitary gendarmerie units created by the Vichy regime during WWII. Their development was the special task of René Bousquet, Vichy director-general of the French national police.

The GMR were conceived at the time as a prefiguration of the renewal of the Vichy French Army, limited to 100,000 men by the armistice with Germany, and as a force to maintain order along the lines of the Gendarmerie mobile. Since they were affiliated with the national police, they did not have military status, thereby formally respecting the terms of the armistice.

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