German 2nd Annual “National Rising” 1935 Tinnie


Tinnie in good condition measures 40mm tall. Gilt surface. Unmarked. Made in stamped brass sheet metal.

The zeal with which German municipal authorities attempted,[citation needed] immediately after the seizure of power, to play their part in the “National Rising” (German: Nationale Erhebung) is shown by the practice of conferring honorary municipal citizenship on Hitler, and even more by naming a street (Straße), a square or place (Platz), a promenade (Anlage), an avenue (Damm, Allee), a stadium (Kampfbahn), or a bridge (Brücke) after the new chancellor. As early as March and April 1933, a wave of renamings swept through Germany’s cities. Most of the examples in the list come from this period.

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