German Army Jäger Division Sleeve Shield


Vertically oval, green cloth base features three machine embroidered oak-leaves and a single acorn in mid-green rayon threads with off-white “veins” and a tan stem, all encompassed by an off-white, simulated, twisted rope border.
The main purpose of the German Jäger Divisions was to fight in adverse terrain where smaller, coordinated units were more easily combat capable than the brute force offered by the standard infantry divisions. The Jäger divisions were more heavily equipped than mountain division, but not as well armed as a larger infantry division. In the early stages of the war, they were the interface divisions fighting in rough terrain and foothills as well as urban areas, between the mountains and the plains. The Jägers (meaning hunters in German) relied on a high degree of training, and slightly superior communications, as well as their considerable artillery support. In the middle stages of the war, as the standard infantry divisions were downsized, the Jäger structure of divisions with two infantry regiments, became the standard table of organization.

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