German Braunschweig Private Purchase Traditions Totenkopf


Stamped and silvered thin Tombac badge. In very good condition. Unmarked. 30mm. Used by Infanterie-Regt. Nr.92 and Husaren-Regt. Nr.17.

Use of the Totenkopf as a military emblem began under Frederick the Great, who formed a regiment of Hussar cavalry in the Prussian army commanded by Colonel von Ruesch, the Husaren-Regiment Nr. 5 (von Ruesch). It adopted a black uniform with a Totenkopf emblazoned on the front of its mirlitons and wore it on the field in the War of Austrian Succession and in the Seven Years’ War. The Totenkopf remained a part of the uniform when the regiment was reformed into Leib-Husaren Regiments Nr.1 and Nr.2 in 1808

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