German DAF Volkswagen Accident Response Leader’s Armband


Linen brassard in red with machine embroidered early (1937-1939) Volkswagen logo on front. Printed “Unfall-Vertruaens-Mann” is on front, translating to Accident Trust-Man, or more literally, the Leader for Accidents. The leader status of the armband is identified by the two parallel horizontal black striped. Measures 19.5cm by 9.5cm. Does not glow under black light inspection. Overall excellent condition for a very rare armband.

Volkswagen was established in 1937 by the German Labour Front (German: Deutsche Arbeitsfront) as part of the Strength Through Joy (German: Kraft durch Freude) program in Berlin. In the early 1930s, cars were a luxury – most Germans could afford nothing more elaborate than a motorcycle, and only one German out of 50 owned a car. Seeking a potential new market, some car makers began independent “people’s car” projects – the Mercedes 170H, BMW 3/15, Adler AutoBahn, Steyr 55 and Hanomag 1.3L, among others.

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