German Deutscher Hochseesportverband “Hansa” (DHH) Member Stickpin


Excellent and attractive membership stickpin in gilt Tombac with nice enamel work.

The German High Sea Sports Association “Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA e. V.” (DHH) was founded in 1925 by Vice Admiral retired. D. Adolf Lebrecht von Trotha, as first chairman, founded the Reichsmarine as a clandestine “military sports training facility” with funds from the Ruhr Fund and was part of the Reichsbund Deutscher Seegeltung from 1934. Even in the early years, the training of German-minded young people was based on the motto: “Unconditional subordination, loyalty to duty and punctuality”. From 1933 onwards, military training lost its priority; Women’s sailing became more and more popular, and the club built up a close cooperation with the Nazi community Kraft durch Freude (KdF). The KdF organization was able to access the DHH’s sailing schools and ocean-going yachts, and in March 1938 the club was incorporated into the Kraft durch Freude corporation.[12] Adolf von Trotha remained first chairman until 1940.


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