German DRK Red Cross Badge of Honor


A two-piece, alloy lapel pin, awarded for “meritorious service,” its first piece in the form of the DRK emblem of a black enameled eagle with down-swept wings, articulated in silver, with a silver, mobile swastika to its breast, and which clutches a red enameled, Balkan cross, outlined in silver, in its talons. The eagle is enclosed by its second piece, being a wreath of silver-washed oak leaves. To the reverse of the eagle, alongside the circular base, is embossed, “Ges. Gesch.,” for, “Gesetzlich Geschützt” (By-law Protected). “2” is stamped to the reverse of its enclosing wreath for manufacturer C. E. Junker, Berlin, whose four interior extensions are soldered to the eagle. 23mm in diameter with a pin with c-catch.

The DRK, “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz” (German Red Cross), a voluntary civil assistance organization originally instituted in 1864, was officially acknowledged by the Geneva Convention in 1929. In December 1937 it gained status as a legally recognized organization by the NSDAP. As with other essential services in Third Reich Germany, it came under control of the Nazi Party in late 1938 under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior’s Social Welfare Organization.

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