German Kampfbund fur deutsche Kultur (KfdK) Member Badge


Nice silvered Tombac badge with black enamel. Measures 20mm wide with a pin-back.

The Kampfbund für deutsche Kultur (KfdK), which was initially called the National Socialist Society for German Culture (NGDK) in its founding phase, was a nationalist-minded, anti-Semitic and politically active association during the Weimar Republic and the National Socialist regime. The association, based in Munich, was founded in 1928 by the chief Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg and was under his leadership until its dissolution in 1934. The aim of the association was to have a significant impact on cultural life in Germany, not least within the NSDAP. In 1934 the association was dissolved and merged with the Reich Association “Deutsche Bühne” to form the National Socialist Cultural Community (“NS-Kulturgemeinde”). The dissolution process was linked to the establishment of the “Rosenberg Office” (DRbg), which later became the “Rosenberg Office” (ARo).

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