German Luftwaffe Civilian Employees Lapel Pin


Die-cut silvered Tombac alloy. Measures 26mm across. Unmarked. Interesting Japanese-style pin attachment.

Within the DAF, Deutsche Arbeitsfront, (German Labor Front), there was a sub-section entitled, Werkscharen Abteilung Luftfahrt, (Aviation Department Work Squad), which worked in the aviation industry. The Werkscharen Abt. Luftfahrt had working agreements with Hermann Göring and worked closely with the Luftwaffe and the NSFK, Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps, (National Socialist Flying Corps). In November 1937 the M38 civilian retinue lapel badge was authorized by the RLM, Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Air Ministry), for wear by civilian personnel of the Luftfahrt Verwaltung, (Government Aviation Administration), on the DAF Werkscharen visor cap. Authorization for wear of the badge by Werkscharen personnel was rescinded in February 1938 and on October 30TH 1941 the same insignia was authorized for wear by non-uniformed, personnel of the civilian retinue of the Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), while in occupied or allied counties outside of Germany. The civilian retinue consist of all male and female personnel who were employed by the Armed Forces but retained their civilian status. The insignia was issued in silver, and in gold for personnel with over twenty-five years service, and came with an authorizing possession certificate.

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