German Meissen Medallion “Invasion of the West 10 May 1940”


Meissen Medallion, “We are coming again / In memory of 10 May 1940”.  48mm diameter. Viking ship with swastika on observe, with German eagle on reverse.

Meissen porcelain or Meissen china is the first European hard-paste porcelain, developed starting in 1708 by Ehrenfried Walther von
Tschirnhaus with production of porcelain at Meissen, near Dresden,
starting in 1710 and attracting artists and artisans to establish one of the most famous porcelain manufacturers, still in business today as Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH. Its signature logo, the crossed swords, was introduced in 1720 to protect its production; the mark of the crossed swords is one of the oldest trademarks in existence.

It dominated the style of European porcelain until 1756. It was expensive and bought by the upper classes. A number of fine pieces such as these Meissen Medallions were produced during the Third Reich Era.

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