German N.S.J. (Jung) Mädchenschaft NSDAP Membership Badge


Gilt Tombac metal and enamel badge in mint condition. Marked GES GESCH. Excellent condition. Measures 21mm tall. Believed to be made by Steinhauer und Lück. This variant is the N.S.J. (Jung) Mädchenschaft and is very rare.

N.S. Mädchenschaft formed in 1933 along with the parent group the N.S.Frauenschaft. It was short-lived for its usefulness was lost with several other groups being formed. It initially was started as a girls organization of the Nazi Women’s League. Membership was voluntary for those who already belonged to the JM* or BdM**. By early 1935 the organization was disbanded mostly due to lack of general interest.

* The Jungmädelbund (“Young Girls’ League”) for girls aged 10 to 14
**The Bund Deutscher Mädel League of German Girls (BDM) for girls aged 14 to 18

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