German NS-Hago Lapel Stickpin


A silver-washed alloy lapel pin, in the form of the NS-Hago emblem. The emblem is comprised of hammer with swastika in center and winged. Soldered to its reverse is the base of a 45mm long, vertical pin. Marked RZM N 23.

NS-Hago, the “National Sozialist Handwerks, Handels und Gewerbe Organisierung” (National Socialist Handicraft, Commerce and Industry Organization), was created in 1933 out of the earlier “Kampfbund des Gewerblichen Mittlestandes” (Fighting]-league of-the Industrial Middle-classes). In 1934 it fell under DAF, “Deutsche Arbeitsfront” (German Labor-front), control. In 1935 all NSBO, “Nationalsozialische Betriebszellen Organisierung” (National Socialist Trade-cells Organization), members skilled in crafts and trades became members of NS-Hago. It was later eclipsed by the DAF’s GHG, “Gesamtverband des deutschen Handwerks, Handels und Gewerbes” (Total-association of-the german Handicrafts, Commerce and Industry), which became the RDHdw, “Reichsstand des deutschen Handwerks” (National-class of-the german Handicrafts).

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