German NSRKB National Socialist State Veteran’s Association Armband Lieter der Kinderund und Waisen


Excellent armband of the veteran’s organization NS-RKB. Make in blue-black wool with the NS-RKB BeVo embroidered emblem and a thick silver bullion band around the center. The armband is 105mm tall and 195mm wide. Sewn ends to the reverse. The single thick silver bullion rank (20mm) is for the Lieter der Kinderund und Waisen which roughly translated to the Leader of Orphans and Children. Meaning being part of the charitable arm of the NSRKB supporting the children and orphans of veterans.

The Kyffhäuserbund (English: Kyffhäuser League) is an umbrella organization for war veterans’ and reservists’ associations in Germany, founded in 1900 to unify the various veteran’s groups in Germany. It owes its name to the Kyffhäuser Monument (German: Kyffhäuserdenkmal), a memorial built on the summit of the 473 m high Kyffhäuser mountain near Bad Frankenhausen, in the state of Thuringia in central Germany. It was not a political affiliated organization, and was open to all German war veterans.

When the National Socialist party came into party however, as with all national organizations, the group was absorbed under the NSDAP umbrella. In the name of Gleichschaltung (Co-Ordination or NSDAPfication), the Kyffhäuserbund was after the NSDAP takeover of power in 1933. Five years later, its name was altered to NS-Reichskriegerbund ‘Kyffhäuser’ e.V. (National Socialist Reich Warriors Association ‘Kyffhäuser‘ – RSRKB), becoming the sole and exclusive organization representing the Veterans´ interests in the Third Reich. The organization would then be disbanded in March of 1943 and its members would be drafted into Volksturm service in 1945.

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