German SA Sports Badge Silver Grade W.Redo


Silvered metal (magnetic); vertical pinback with a functional hinge/catch assembly; maker marked “W.Redo Saar Lauter” and marked “Eigentum der Obersten SA-Führung” on the reverse.

The SA Sports Badge was instituted on 28 November 1933 by then SA chief Ernst Röhm. It was originally only issued in bronze through the year 1935. On 15 February 1935, Hitler decreed that the badge be officially recognized. It was thereafter issued in three grades (bronze, silver, and gold). No longer was the physical fitness badge to be awarded only to SA members, but to youth of all German military and paramilitary organizations. Originally the badge grade was awarded on degrees of “proficiency”. Then in 1936, a points system was established. In 1937, the requirement for the holder of the award was upgraded; each recipient had to pass an annual proficiency test to retain the badge.

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