German SS-NSDAP M1934 Cap Eagle Badge RZM 72 Franz Lipp


Die stamped silvered cupal metal, 48mm wing tip to wing tip, wing prongs intact, but missing the bottom prong pair; in very good condition. Silvered with black painted roundel. Marked RZM 72 for Frank Lipp. Considered the second pattern SS/SA cap eagle, black painted version are attributed to the SS.

Allegedly the first pattern Third Reich political national eagle was personally designed by Adolf Hitler himself and was introduced on November 4TH 1927. Originally the first pattern eagle was worn on the Kepi by SA and SS personnel and wasn’t adopted for wear by NSDAP political leaders until 1931. Uniform regulations of January 1934 introduced a second pattern political style national eagle. This second pattern, political national eagle was modified in 1936, again in 1937 and a final pattern was introduced April 1939.

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