Italian Spanish Civil War CTV Divisione d’Assalto “Littorio” Sleeve Shield


Excellent example of a cloth machine embroidered multi-piece patch sleeve shield. Made in several layers of orange and black wool with trim and multi-color embroidery. Measures 80mm tall and 64mm wide.

After mid-October 1938, it was decided to create a new division, the Fascist Assault Division (Divisione d’Assalto “Littorio”) composed of army units, with members from the 1st Division from non-repatriable elements of the Blackshirt Division Fiamme Nere-XXIII Marzo and the 3rd Division”Volontari del Littorio”, which formed the 2nd Division consisting of four battalions. The Division took part in the battle of Catalonia, from December 23, 1938 until February 8, 1939. On January 25th, they conquered the city of Barcelona, while on February 4th, they captured the city of Cerona. On February 21st, in Barcelona, there was a massive military parade where, according to the will of Franco, were led by delegations parts of the CTV. The CTV’s activities ended on March 29th with the capture of the city of Albacete and on the 30th, elements of the Fascist Assault Division arrived in the city of Alicante, the last port in the Mediterranean. After some time, the Division returned by ship to Italy and dissolved honourably.

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