Republic of China Military Lifesaving Medal Cased Feng Yuxiang


Very nice original medal from the Republic of China (1912-1949). This is from the late 1920s and is for treating wounded soldier during combat. The medal was issued by Feng Yuxiang, who was a regional warlord in Chaohu, Anhui before becoming an early leader of the Republic of China. He is pictured in the center of the medal. He eventually became Vice-Premier of the Republic from 1928 through 1930.

Condition:  Overall in excellent condition with no visible damage. The enamel bezel does rotate some, but is undamaged, and all enamel is excellent. Appears to be made in silver with some tarnishing, but expected with age. Ribbon is very fine with slight fading to the white stripes. The case is near-mint and fits the medal perfectly – one small cut in paper on front and slight edge wear in other area.

The medal’s bezel is written in traditional Chinese, while the case is in ancient Chinese.

Star is 57 mm across. Ribbon is 36 mm wide.

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