Spanish “Blue Division” German Iron Cross 1st Class Breast Badge


EK1 of early Spanish production. One-piece brass manufacture, the core area painted black, high vaulted, pin-back with two side hooks. 40mm x 40mm. A rare specimen. The volunteers of the so-called “Blue Division 250 – Infantry Division” were awarded these upon returning to Spain if they had earned the Iron Cross First Class. The Spanish veterans were eligible to wear this on their uniform in Spain through 1975.

This is the Type A version produced between 1943 and 1950, in small quantities.

The 250th Infantry Division (German: 250. Infanterie-Division), better known as the Blue Division (Spanish: División Azul, German: Blaue Division), was a unit of volunteers from Francoist Spain operating from 1941 to 1944 within the German Army (Wehrmacht) on the Eastern Front during World War II. It was officially designated the Spanish Volunteer Division (Spanish: División Española de Voluntarios) by the Spanish Army.

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